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Koshcoons breeder with Koshka

I'm Nikki your breeder here at Koshcoons. I have loved cats ever since I have been alive on this planet! As well as run the cattery, I am also a hospital pharmacist. 

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Our story began in 2019 when we adopted a shelter kitten, Hank who was part Maine Coon. We fell so in love with him and his personality! It was definitely the MC in him we loved most. Most of our pets at the time were older in age 10+ years, so Hank was kind of out of place because the others were not interested in playing with him. The crazy cat lady in me decided we needed to adopt a second kitten so Hank could have a playmate his own age. Hank  made us decide we wanted to adopt a full Maine Coon. Unfortunately, were unable to find another shelter coon like Hank, so we decided to find a full Maine Coon . From this point I started my search on Facebook, as many of us do, looking for my perfect girl. I saw many Maine Coons here in the states for sale, but when I saw my first European Maine Coon, I was totally in love! I knew from this point on my perfect girl would have to be from overseas! That look was undeniable. We found Natalia and her cattery Emma Vhenan and within a few months we began our journey to import Koshka (Russian for cat) from Russia.Little did we know that when she arrived she would set things in motion for our very own cattery. Cats always were and still are a big part of my life even prior to breeding, so I decided to take what I love and turn it into something bigger. I cannot begin to tell you how much of a blessing it has been on my life! Had we not adopted Hank, I am not sure this would have all come to pass, so for him I am thankful. 

Maixmus & Nathan
Koshcoons breeder with Wanila

HANK: the boy who started it all!

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