Koshcoons Most Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I pick up my kitten early? NO, NO, NO!! This is the number one question we get asked and the answer is always the same. You must realize that vet appts, spay/neuters, and shots are given at scheduled times in a cattery so going home early due to issues you may have in your schedule is not an option. Do NOT ask!

  2. How old are kittens when they get to come home? Our kittens are 4 months when they get to leave. We believe in waiting longer to spay/neuter our babies.

  3. How do I pay for my kitten? The moment you pick and reserve a kitten your deposit is due immediately. You can then pay however you wish. Some wait and pay it all at the end and some prefer to send smaller increments over time like payments. Full payment of you kitten is due one month before your kitten comes home.

  4. What payment methods do you accept? We accept Venmo and Paypal. If you do not have these accounts we may be able to make other arrangements. Please contact me personally.

  5. Does my kitten come already spayed/neutered? Yes, kittens do not leave our home intact!

  6. Can I pick up my kitten at your home? Yes, most of our new families do come pick up their babies so they can visit with us and see mom and dad as well as visit our other coons.

  7. What if I cannot pick up my kitten in person? If you are unable to pick up your kitten at our home we will deliver the kitten to your home for a fee. This will be based on how many hours the drive is. Please note your kitten will NOT be delivered prior to pick up date! Your kitten will be scheduled to be delivered after the rest of the litter is picked up since we cannot leave kittens unattended while we bring you yours.

  8. What do you feed your cats? We feed a homemade raw diet in the cattery. You can find info on the main page of the website. We do also offer dry food while at work or gone for long hours. We feed OPEN FARM. We picked this food based on ingredients and where they are sourced from. This food can be ordered online directly from their website.  

  9. Can I change my cats name? Yes you can. Your cat will be registered with our given name first and your chosen name as the middle name.

  10. What vaccines will my cat have when I get him/her? Your kitten will have been wormed and vaccinated with rabies upon leaving our cattery. They will also have 2 FVRCP vaccine sets. You will be responsible for the third one.

  11. Will my kitten be registered? Yes, we register every kitten with CFA prior to leaving the cattery.

  12. Do we allow visits in the cattery prior to pick up? No, we only allow visit time at pick up of your kitten to reduce stress and germs in our cattery.

  13. Will I get pictures of my kitten as it grows? Yes, we post at least 5 to 8 pictures per day on social media plus you will also receive texts or messenger pictures of your kitten as I have time to take them. Please do not overwhelm us by constantly asking for pictures. We have lives outside the cattery as well. 

  14. Do I need to bring my own pet taxi at pick up? Yes, we do not provide these to new parents.

  15. Do you offer advice after I pick up my kitten? Yes, always! Please feel free to contact us anytime with questions about your kitten. We love getting pictures and messages as well so please don’t ever feel like you are a bother by sending these!

Please click the link below for pick up instructions