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HANK: Greeter at Koshcoons

Upon arrival to our cattery, this boy will be eagerly waiting at the front door! His favorite thing is to coming barreling out to greet all of our new kitten owners with leg rubs. 

Day of Pickup

** Do not stop at any pet store prior to coming to our house. Infections and viruses can be transferred from the pet store and into our home, which could be life threatening to our cats/kittens. 

**Please limit the number of guests you bring with you to pick up your kitten. Please keep in mind that this day will be stressful to mom and kittens and this will limit their stress.

*When you arrive please use the hand sanitizer provided. This is to protect or cats/kittens. 

**Depending on how many kittens are going home that day, pickup can get busy! You may or may not be here when others arrive. If you prefer to arrive and be the only family here please let me know ahead of time so we can assign you a specific hour. You may stay as long as you like during your visit. 

**Please bring your pet taxi inside to pick up your kitten. You may NOT carry them to your vehicle in your arms! We never know when an outside stimulus may spook your kitten as you are leaving and risk them jumping from your arms. 

**We will be sending 2 small containers of raw food home with your kitten so you can bring a small cooler or insulated bag if needed.

**Please send us a message of text the day of pickup so we know when to expect you.



Please mesage me for my personal cell



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