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Located in Northeast Tennessee


Our first Maine Coon flew over from Russia in 2019. Her name is Koshka and we thought it was only fitting that our cattery be named after her....thus began Koshcoons.

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Our Cattery

Koshcoons breeder and Koshka

Meet your breeder and find out how we got started. 

Kings & Queens

When we started our cattery we fell in love with the European Maine Coon, so all of our Kings & Queens are imported from various countries around the world! We hope to expand in the future with breeders from some local catteries here in the states.

Cattery backyard

We are a small cattery located in the mountains of Northeast Tennessee. Our cats & kittens live with us in our home with full inside access and limited outdoor access via fenced yard and custom catio! We believe giving our furry family members room to play and be cats. Click the link below for an inside and outside tour of our cattery.

We are dedicated to make sure all our kittens are healthy and that they meet the MC standard. Whether it’s your first MC kitten experience, or you're a MC pro, our kitten's wellbeing is central to everything we do.

Your kitten from Koshcoons will arrive well socialized after interaction with many of our pet cats who also live with us.

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Questions and answers about adopting kittens, fees, shipping, etc.


Information about our Adoption Process

View some of our past kitten graduates in their new homes!

Raw Feeding

Click the link below for more info on raw feeding!

We recommend joining the FB group Cats Completely Raw and Proud for great information on raw feeding. They have an Excel raw calculator that will calculate a batch in just minutes. We don't know how we ever survived without it!

If you live in the Kingsport area we use this local butcher for pork & beef products

Cattery Recommendations

We get so many messages each day asking general questions about our cattery, kitten adoption process, and after adoption what happens next.....
Please use the link below to answer these questions!

Maximus wearing Castle Paws

We highly recommend "stud pants" for spraying stud males or for use when females are in heat. 


We also love the brand CuteBone as stud pants! 

Apply Here

Kitten Deposit


We accept payment by personal check, Paypal, or Venmo. 

Our Venmo account is Nikki Mcdavid @ Koshcoons MC and our Paypal is nikkingibson@gmail.com

Koshcoons Application

Upcoming Litters

To see our upcoming litters click the link below.....


Koons on Delivery

Coons on Delivery
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